Vehicles is a module for listing of vehicles (cars, trucks etc.) used internally in your company. It works on the basis of Assets module (required for essential operation) as an extension with predefined fields and settings. Additional functionality of Vehicles module is ‘Business Trips’ list (accessible from Accounting submenu) where you can manage all business trips of your employees. If you need simple list of vehicles in your organization (without ‘Business Trips’) then we suggest to build a separate list with necessary fields in Assets module on your own.

Vehicles Features

  • List of vehicles - visible under Assets submenu
  • Sorting - displaying data in columns (ascending, descending)
  • Keyword search - any string of letters (in details view)
  • CRM integration - contacts, companies
  • Business Trips - millage, destinations (from-to), employees assigned (drivers), date, distance, costs


Modules required


Commercial Epesi License for Premium modules
MIT license for Epesi Core and CRM

Open Support Ticket

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